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A Cowboy Goes to War COVER FINAL FRONT and BACK Copy

Out Killing Indians book 1

Chosen as the Grand Prize Winner of the Indie Book Award, Best Book of 2023

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Rick Steber has more than 50 titles under his belt and sales of two million books. Rick has won the prestigious Western Writers of America Spur Award, Grand Prize Winner – BEST BOOK 2023 – International Indies Book Award, and numerous other awards. He is a keen observer of the changing American West and he articulates these changes in prose that are boldly descriptive, invigorating and creative. His writing has been compared to Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, McMurtry and Stegner. Five of his books have been optioned to movie production companies.

In addition to his writing, Rick is an engaging Western personality and speaker. He has the unique ability to make his characters come alive as he tells a story.  He has spoken at national and international conferences and banquets.  He visits schools where he talks to students about the importance of education, developing reading and writing skills, and impressing upon them the value of saving our history for future generations.

Rick Steber's books are featured in the showroom at Rick Steber - MAKERS, a collaborative community that includes a talented group of Central and Eastern Oregon artists and artisans producing traditional Western items - pine needle baskets, leather tooling, jewelry, art, saddle making, woodworking, ironwork, Native cradleboards and beadwork and much, much more.  You may order online via this website and receive your book selection(s) by mail.  Located at 131 N E 5th Street, Prineville, Oregon.

Tales of the Wild West ~ A 16-volume series in book or audio form.  These are proven winners with sales exceeding one million copies.  Each historical book contains 50 short stories and 10 illustrations.  The wide-ranging variety of titles appeals to children as well as adults.

Wild West Trivia ~ 7-volume series of travel friendly books designed to challenge and test the reader's knowledge of Western trivia.  Each book will provide hours of family entertainment and they are a fun way to learn.

Biographies, Non-Fiction and Novels ~ The wide-ranging titles written by Rick Steber have captured a host of national and international literary awards.

Western Prose & Poems ~ In launching this innovative series, Rick Steber is headed down a new trail.  His words will help remind us of what it means to live out West, and he will touch those brittle human emotions and feelings we all have as we reach out for those things we cannot quite seem to reach.


“Rick Steber has given us a fine example of how fiction can tell the grim facts of history in a highly readable novel. Buy the Chief a Cadillac is one of those books which should be added to the reading lists of students of American history.” (Tony Hillerman)

“Steber's words remind you of Hemingway or Fitzgerald....” (LA Times)

“Rick Steber captures beautifully the mood of the times and of the sturdy people who lived it.” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)