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A BETTER MAN ~ Non Fiction A BETTER MAN ~ Non Fiction

A BETTER MAN ~ Non Fiction


A BETTER MAN (Retail Price $15.00) Non-Fiction This is a true story of one man's incredible journey. Dave Franke might have been content to lead the life of a simple cowboy, but he believed in the American Dream. He started a construction company and rode the crest of a building boom to the pinnacle of success. When the Great Recession hit and interest rates topped 24%, he lost it all. He drowned his failures with alcohol. Then one day, out on the broad sweep of the desert, God and Satan had a fistfight over his alcoholic soul. This is a powerful story of profit and loss, of weakness and strength, a story of love, forgiveness, deliverance and redemption. A must read! (165 pages) USA Best Book Finalist and Winner - Beverely Hills International Regional Best Non-Fiction

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